Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Money Pumped Woman
Bill Weather
On 12-5-11, I vividly dreamt I had just bought a box truck and two young women had come by to observe it. Then suddenly one of the girls was attacked by an array of bullets from a couple of 1920's looking gangsters. They then opened the girl up, pulled her blouse open and she turned out to be a manikin. She was made of wood. Her chest was carved out as a rectangular shaped hollow and there was nothing there but wood and bullet holes from the gangsters. 

These gangsters then laughed and told me this woman can't be killed. Then they proceeded to put more bullets in her. I observed as the bullets went into her, but she was not dead from them. Then one of the gangsters mockingly told me they were going to put 2 million dollars into the woman, as in an investment because they controlled her and she did as they pleased. That is when my 7:30 am alarm went off and woke me up.

Interpretation ~ My just buying a box truck is metaphorical for the  warning  of God's word I am doing equipping  me with a box truck of  provision, more  than what I've been given.

The two girls are the two camps of prophecy out in the world, the popular misdirecting false prophecy of the tele evangelists and the true word of prophecy. God has more than once, through these recent dreams, called the ministry of his word, a woman, and God continuing in this way, to reveal how he is seeing things. The woman being shot up is the false word of prophecy. She is fake and made of wood and she will burn when everything begins to be revealed.

The gangsters are metaphorical of the millions of dollars that are going into those ministries with the false word of prophecy. The false word of prophecy through the tele evangelists will be revealed soon enough, when the woman of their word is ripped open and their word begins to be revealed for what it is, empty, hollow, made of wood and will burn when America burns.

The millions of dollars behind their media empire is what is pumping the woman of the false word. The true woman of the word is vital for preparing the body of Christ for the hard times ahead. It is sad that Christiandom has fell into the drunken state of positivism, so much so, that if the true word stood them in the face miraculously, they would not be able to recognize the truth of her beauty and the vital reason why the true word needs to be exalted. It is sad that much of Christiandom follows these teachings, which have no signs, wonders, miracles, healing, dreams and visions backing them, as the real woman of the word of prophecy does. These God backing power testimonies of the word of prophecy can be found at  for anyone's own due diligence.

It is my prayer that the church awakens to what is to befall the US and prepares to persevere in faith. When one can know specific events of the future, even in great tribulation, they can even more, rise up in faith because they will see God's word come to pass before their very eyes and then have greater wisdom, hope and faith to help get them through the hard times or to die in victory and joy because they see the word and seeing, they all the more can rejoice, whether in death or in escape from what is soon to befall the US, or however, as my space cadet charismatic and evangelical friends will think, be shocked, horrified and dismayed as to why the US will be going thru layers of greater trouble because they have ignored this word of prophecy, as did the Israelites in the classic case of Jeremiah 38, when the people of God ignored the true word of prophecy. Souls riding the fence, their faith hangs in the balance. The false word will kill them. The true word can save them when they see it come to pass. Fess up, the word of prophecy is extremely important to the saving of those souls who hang in the balance.
Be careful not to make light of what God is revealing! Love the woman of his word!

In Christ, Weather